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Michiko Sutter

Intuitive counselor / Spiritual teacher


Hello, I am Michiko.

I am here to connect with the infinite universe and send you a message.
I hope you feel a little lighter and more positive! I am very

happy if you can feel lighter and more positive. Appreciate your own way of life 🌈


„ Enjoy your Life❣️“ 

Live with joy, love, and harmony in this moment, not in the past or future!

〜About Michiko〜


Michiko Sutter is an intuitive counselor and spiritual teacher. In June 2021,

The god Thoth appeared and Michiko had the experience of large energy entering her body through the back of her head.
The energy body was later identified as the energy body of Hathor.
She began to receive messages from higher dimensions through

meditation, channeling, and light speech.
She wanted to share her happiness with the world and founded her website.
The universe loves you always.🌹.
She is the kind of person who makes the most of the messages of love

and makes people around her smile.

Blog: 🦋Miko World🦋 

YouTube: Michiko: @michiko6222

Michiko Meditation Sounds: @michikomeditationsounds8937


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